October 30

Aptitude Test Tips – Ace Your Aptitude Test

It’s test day!! You have taken all the proper steps to ace this thing! Not so fast. Here are some things that you might need before you make your way to the exam room.

Bring your pen, pencil and eraser, hell bring two of each!

You can never have too many of these suckers(Ok, no need to bring the whole package). If one breaks, runs out of ink or it magically walks away, its no big sweat you have more.

Don’t forget your a scientific calculator.

Some places these are supplied. Some places these are not allowed but in any case it’s a good idea to bring one. Your better to have one just in case than not have one at all. Oh and another important piece of information, your cellphone will not be allowed to be used as a calculator. You get caught looking at your cellphone, more than likely; your test will be taken away.

Scan over your paper when you receive it.

You should make it a habit to look over your entire test before you start. This will allow you to take mental notes of your test and in some cases the questions will relate to each other. Once you looked it over in it’s entirety, then you should begin by answering the ones you know by just looking at them. This will help to get the easy ones out of the way.

Stay positive and relaxed.

This might sound like some hippy jargon “Stay positive duuudeee..” but it’s true. You might start to feel discouraged as your test goes on but keep moving forward. Take some deep breaths, even close your eyes for a few seconds to regain your cool. This point is probably one of the most important ones. If you can’t stay calm, cool and collected, things tend to spiral downwards from there.

Read the whole question.

For the love of god, please don’t start reading the question and then assume how the question ends. Read the whole question! Some tests take advantage of such situations and add words like “may” or “may not” little words you will miss if you assume you know the answer.

Don’t worry about people leaving before you.

Don’t let that get into your head. The “omg, how is it possible he is done when I’m only on question X”. Odds are, unless your a super genius or you studied your butt off, your not going to finish first. Don’t let people leaving before you get you stressed out. Deep breath, and move on.

Once your done, double check.

Perfect! Last question is done. Let’s hand it in…. not so fast… let’s double check. Please note, while double checking is a great idea, don’t doubt yourself too much. Statistics show that most of the time your first choice or your gut instinct is the right choice so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Make sure your first & last name is on the test.

This one is pretty straight forward but some people forget. Double check that all the required information is on your test. You might of studied for weeks and aced your test but it will do you no good if you never get your results.

Best of luck to all of you out there. Study hard, get great results!

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