October 19

The Night Before Your Mechanical Reasoning Test

We all know the feeling. It’s down to the final hours before you take your big mechanical reasoning test. Your starting to stress out. Cramming as much material as possible. But wait, what you may not know is trying to get too much information in at the last minute may actually harm you!

Here are a couple tips to make sure your ready for that big test.

  • Organise all your notes.
Make sure all essential notes, books and handouts are properly organised. You do not want to spend any extra time on studying irrelevant material, therefore organisation is key.

  • Prepare all essentials.
When the day of the test arrives, the last thing you want to do is run around to gather all your required materials. The night before the test is the perfect time to gather everything your need. Your pen, pencil, books and calculator should be all ready for the next day.

  • Eat healthy and drink plenty of water.
Being dehydrated and filled with unhealthy food ( Fruit loops for example) will get your nowhere quickly. It’s also a good idea to prepare and keep snacks nearby to avoid having to get up and distract you from your studies.

  • Set a time limit.
You should not study all night. Hopefully you took the necessary time weeks before your mechanical test to learn the material. If your on your last day and do not already feel prepared, then your in for a surprise. Personally, I don’t think you should study for more than a 45 minute period. Once you reach that time, you should put the material down and get some fresh air. At this point, it should be strictly review.

  • Make sure you get your 8 hours sleep.
I can not stress this enough. Time and time again, I see people take all the right steps, but fail to get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. As I mentioned before, you should have taken all the steps to be ready for your test over the past few weeks. Staying up and cramming the material down your throat will do you no good, it will actually harm you. So get some rest!!

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