Verbal Reasoning Test 1

Here is our first verbal reasoning test. We will provide you with a problem, four multiple choice answers, the correct answer and reasoning behind the answer. If you would like to give yourself an extra challenge, try and answer these questions within 60 seconds. Time runs out quickly during an exam.


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Question #1

The long lines at the new Disney World ride were inevitable, considering that it was the park’s first new roller coaster in over twenty years.

In the above sentence, the word inevitable mean?

A. Incapable of being avoided
B. Able to be prevented
C. An event that is avoidable
D. Incapable of being short

The correct answer is A- incapable of being avoided.

Explanation: The long lines to get on the new ride at Disney could not be avoided; there was no way to get around waiting on the line.


Question #2

Lauren is clearly going to make an awful professor. Nearly half of her students failed their final this past spring. She should probably choose another career path, because her students’ performance demonstrates that she doesn’t teach very well.

What statement, if true, most weakens the argument above?

A. This was Lauren’s second time teaching a college class.
B. The class Lauren was teaching is a required class for all freshmen.
C. The students who failed the exam also had poor attendance.
D. The students who passed the exam attended an optional review session Lauren’s teaching assistant held.

The correct answer is C- The students who failed the exam also had poor attendance.

Explanation: C is correct because this shows that the students’ poor attendance, and not Lauren’s teaching style, was likely to blame for their poor performance on the exam. If they were not in class when Lauren was teaching, her style could have very little positive or negative impact on their learning.


Question #3

Honey bees are exceptional insects that create food for all of mankind. Such food does not perish, lasting thousands of years. It is the only food that contains substances such as vitamins, minerals and water, which is necessary to sustain life. Bees will fly 90,000 miles to collect 1 kg of honey, which equates to nearly three orbits around the earth. They pollinate 80% of our plant life, which helps make our food. Sadly, these spectacular creatures are on the brink of extinction. They are suffering from what scientists call, “Colony Collapse Disorder,” which is caused by modern day pesticides and radiation.

What will be the direct effect if bees become extinct?

A. Honey prices will decrease.
B. The economy will thrive.
C. Fruits, nuts and vegetables will be scarce.
D. Worldwide collapse.

The correct answer is C- Fruits, nuts and vegetables will be scarce.

Explanation: Don’t be confused by all the extra “fluff” when answering a question of this nature look at what they are really asking in the questions and address it accordingly.


Question #4

Most people believe that a degree will make them more money. Studies done recently, however, suggests that this isn’t true: executives with degrees don’t make any more money than executives that don’t. Therefore, degrees don’t make people more money.

This argument is flawed because it ignores the fact that:

A. The pay for executives may be higher than for other employees.
B. Executive pay might vary between companies.
C. People are more likely to become executives in the first place if they have a degree.
D. Executives with degrees might be better able to find similar jobs in other companies.

The correct answer is C- People are more likely to become executives in the first place if they have a degree.

Explanation: It’s the only choice that directly refutes the argument that a degree has no impact on pay.

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