Verbal Reasoning Test Tips

Here’s a list of verbal comprehension tips to help you succeed during your next exam.

Read the instructions

These examinations contain general directions at the beginning along with specific directions preceding each different type of question. Please be sure to read all the instructions carefully before answering the question.
Aptitude Test Tips

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Look over the contents.

Try to understand what you are reading. Skim over it at first to get a general understanding of it. A good rule is to read the first line of each paragraph (if there are more than one) and then the entire last paragraph. Do this rapidly just to get an idea of what is contained in the passage.

Scan the questions pertaining to the passage.

Have a quick look at the questions so you know what particular information they require. This will give you a good idea of what to look for when you re-read the passage.

Read the passage carefully.

Now that you have looked over briefly the passage and the questions, now is the time to carefully look at the passage. It’s time to really buckle down and concentrate. While you are reading the material note the key facts and where a possible answer may be located.

Underline or circle key words or phrases.

As mentioned above, make note of the important factors on your exam. This will facilitate answering your questions when you get back to them.

Ask yourself questions while reading.

There are some important questions you should be asking yourself while reading the passage. Some of those include:

  • What is the main idea behind this passage?
  • Who is directly affected?
  • What action is required?

Answer the questions.

Please remember that the answer is located somewhere in the passage. Don’t assume, don’t guess, it’s there! It’s good practice to go back to your passage and confirm that the information is there, eliminating all doubts. Before handing in your test, time permitting, be sure to review all your answers.

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