Mechanical Aptitude – Pulley Question #2

Pulley Question #2

Welcome to our mechanical aptitude highlight series. Every week, we post a new free question to help you pass your mechanical aptitude test. We cover levers, maps, pulleys, electrical circuits, gears and tools.I hope you find it useful!

Today we will be covering pulleys.

The Problem

Considering weight Y is 75lbs; with the help of a single pulley, how much force is required to lift this weight?

Pulley Example 2

1. 37.5 lbs of force
2. 75 lbs of force
3. 25 lbs of force
4. 70 lbs of force

If you would like more examples, you can find them in our free sample questions found here.To find more pulley examples in our highlight series, you can find those here.

The Answer

The correct answer is #1. To determine the mechanical advantage of a pulley is by determining the number of ropes that can be pulled upwards. In this example, there are two ropes available, therefore, we divide the number by two 75/2=37.5 lbs

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