Electrical Circuits

Mechanical Aptitude Test- Electrical Circuits

Electrical circuits is another variation of question you may find on your mechanical aptitude test. These questions will usually be displayed as simple circuits where you will need to find out what happens in certain situations.

Here is an example of a question you may encounter:

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In this example there are multiple ways this question may go. Here are a couple variations:

Question 1: What switches must you close in order to turn on the light?

A) S2
B)Both S1 & S2
C)Both S1, S2, S3
D) S2 & S3

Correct Answer – B

Question 2: You want current to flow through the circuit without turning on the light, what switches must you turn on?

A) S2
B)Both S1 & S2
C)Both S1, S2, S3
D) S1 & S3

Correct Answer – D

Question 3: Is the following statement true or false. By turning on S1, current will reach the opposite end of the power source.

A) True
B) False

Correct Answer – B

As you can see there are multiple angles a mechanical aptitude test can take. It’s important to have a basic knowledge of how current flows through a circuit. Please be sure to study every variations of an electrical circuit question to be well prepared for your mechanical comprehension test.

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