Mechanical Aptitude Test -Maps

Maps in aptitude tests are often ignored when people study for a mechanical aptitude test yet they are still a very important component. People tend to brush it off because they assume they have no issue reading a map.

An important note before trying the following examples is when you are looking at the picture you should always assume the top view to determine left or right.

Note the arrow is your current location & the arrows at the bottom left represent North, South, East, West. The top arrow being North.
map1 copy


  • Go south on Malet Street and turn left at the first intersection
  • At the first intersection turn left
  • Continue down that road until you reach the third intersection and turn left
  • At the second intersection turn left
  • At the first intersection turn left
  • The first intersection you reach turn right
  • Continue down to the forth intersection

Where are you?

A) Gower Street & Grafton Way

B)Gower Street & Montague Place

C)Gower Street & Cheniese Street

D) Totten Ham Court Rd & Totten Ham Street

Answer: C

map2 copy

It’s important to note that during your mechanical aptitude test, they might decide to use North South East West instead of left and right. So it’s a good idea to be comfortable with both scenarios.

Find more map examples here.


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