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Free Mechanical Multiple Choice Aptitude Test Questions

Free Mechanical Multiple Choice Aptitude Test

So you got it! You applied for your dream job and you got a reply. They tell you they loved your resume and they are VERY interested in hiring you. Oh one more thing, you need to pass an aptitude test.  Well don’t worry. In this article, I will give you some free multiple choice mechanical material you can look over.

Let’s get right to it. A mechanical aptitude test consists of multiple components. Some easier than others depending on your background but overall it is pretty simple if you take the time to study. If it’s any help, I wrote an article to help you prepare for your mechanical test. It’s entitled, ” The Night Before your Mechanical Aptitude Test” and it can be located here.

So here are the categories broken down

Levers: Lever questions are mathematics related questions. Usually you will find a beam balanced at a certain point with a weight at one end. They will then ask you how much force is required to lift the weight. A multiple choice example can be found here – Multiple Choice Questions – Levers.

Maps: Surprisingly, many people tend to neglect studying this part of a mechanical comprehension test. I’m not sure if it’s because they assume they know how to read a map but it’s an area you should spend some time on. When you encounter a map question on your mechanical comprehension test, they usually mark down a certain area on a map and that is your starting point. You then ask you to go either East, West, North or South and your task is to keep up with where you are currently located. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well not always, some can get very confusing. Here is a multiple choice example Multiple Choice Questions – Maps. Please note that in this example, they are also using Right and Left which can also be a possibility during your comprehension test.

Pulleys: Pulley questions on a mechanical aptitude test are very common. You will usually find single and multiple pulleys roped together and they require you to either compare between the two supplied picture, figure out which one would be harder to pull or something else along these lines. For a multiple choice example, you can find it here –Multiple Choice Questions – Pulleys

Electrical Circuits: Electrical circuits are another potential question you might be asked. It’s important to know some basic current flow theories when attempting to solve these problems. In most instances, they will have a drawing and you will be required to figure what happens when current flows through a circuit depending on their specific question. It could be something along the lines of “What switch must be closed for the light to turn on?” You can find a multiple choice example here – Multiple Choice Questions – Electrical Circuits.

Gears: Gears are also a very common occurrence in a mechanical comprehension test. They are usually formatted in multiple ways. You can find some that require you to figure in what direction the gear is turning, they will sometimes put a smaller gear and ask you to figure at what speed it’s turning compared to other gears or they sometimes will put it on a belt and ask you similar questions. Here’s a couple multiple choice examples you might find useful – Multiple Choice Questions – Gears

Tools: This might seem like second nature to some of us, but not everybody is inclined when it comes to tools. This section of the test will focus on the different types of tools you will be required to do your job (sometimes tools you would not use) and you will be required to identify them and what their purpose might be. Here’s some examples of tools you might encounter on your aptitude test – Multiple Choice Questions – Tools

There you have it! If you take your time and study these types of questions you should have no issue with your mechanical aptitude test. It’s very important to start studying as early as possible so that you feel very comfortable come test day. Best of luck and study hard!

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